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Security Fence Deployment System

The Security fence deployment system is also known as the Security fence mobile barrier system, deployment barrier security fence which is mainly used to intercept unexpected groups in the process of special events, and to isolate the protected personnel and buildings.ir blocking and sealing control functions.
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  • Metal Material

  • Security fence mobile barrier system for Road isolation and safety zone protection, etc.

  • Camouflage canvas


Product Description

Security fence deployment system is mainly used for the interception of accidental groups in the handling of special events and the isolation of protected personnel and buildings. The carrier is a modified vehicle, which has the advantages of flexible, quick attack and effective blocking and cutting off, so as to avoid the direct contact between the front line personnel and the crowd. The loading compartment consists of a special steel frame.

The Security fence mobile barrier system is composed of metal materials. In actual combat, the width of the Security fence rapid deployment system can be arbitrarily combined according to the conditions of the site. Combining the intercepting isolation security fence into a wall can prevent the perpetrators from colliding, climbing, overturning and damaging. Thereby it can play its role of interception and control quickly and effectively.


Security fence deployment system specification:

Closure size: width × height × thickness = 1500 × 2100 × 50 (mm).

In the middle area of the security fence surface, a capture door that can be opened and closed is provided. The explosion-proof gun shooting window is arranged on the security fence surface, and the door frame has a handle.

The security fence is equipped with telescopic and retractable rollers, which can be pushed and pulled by a single person.

Mesh size: 10 x 10 (mm).

Material: Q235-A steel.

Monolithic weight: 65kg.

Number of security fences: 40pieces.

The security fence can be interconnected into pieces, the length of the connection: 60 meters

Frame and support bar 40 sets angle steel, tooling welding
Fences 40 sets Customized
Capture door 20 sets angle steel, tooling welding
Riot gun firing hole 20 sets  with door latch
Interconnection pin  40 sets CNC machining
Security fence roller 80sets high-strength nylon
Roller lifting bracket 80 sets Patented design, CNC machining, galvanized
Top toothed mesh 40 sets CNC machining

Security fences can be made of punching nets, steel nets, dense nets (dedicated)
Uses: can be used single or connected together, convenient and quick.



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