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Rotating Wall Spikes

Rotating Wall Spikes Once fitted, the revolving wall spikes make it nearly impossible for an intruder to climb over since the product is designed to rotate when grabbed or climbed on. Therefore, grabbing onto the razor-comb to climb over a wall is no longer a possibility. This security product is a deterrent for all kinds of intrusion.

Product Description

Rotating Wall Spikes device belongs to the technical field of police anti-riot facilities, used for preventing climbing and preventing overstepping

Product Parameters

Heavy-duty steel wall nails are available in a 2 meter long, modular design that allows users to create a continuous barrier along the walls or edges of a building. Each 2 meter long part weighs 46KG and contains 158 very sharp steel nails.

Rotating wall nails up to 53 cm / 21 inches are a powerful physical barrier that can even block the most resource intruders. Each strut support has a 15 cm / 6 square inch bottom plate, thus requiring a large base to accommodate the support. If necessary, the rotating studs can also be mounted on the side of the building, protruding 90 degrees outward

Packaging & Installation Instructions

Waterproof paper inner packaging, wooden outer packaging

Includes detailed assembly instructions or, if needed, a complete delivery and installation service at an additional cost.


Product Features: 

The product has the characteristics of flexible rotation. It will rotate without a little external force. There is no fixed point of force, it can't climb and climb, and there is no damage point. The twisted spike is also a barrier that can hardly be overcome. The utility model can be used in multiple groups of rollers side by side, and can be adapted to installation and use in various environments.


Our Advantage:

They Follow the Contours of a Wall

Have a Neat Appearance

Are Quick and Easy to Install

Are Low Cost

Are an Effective Intrusion Deterrent 


Security upgrade of military security department walls, prisons, guard walls, anti-piracy of ocean freighters, on-site isolation of emergencies, etc.

   Razor Wire Installation Accessories   

SUN Security offers the following tools for installing Razor Wire, including heavy duty bolt cutters, cable tie ratchets, clip applicators and handling hooks.



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