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    ASF Systems

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    Galvanized Barbed Wire

    We are major wholesaler and barbed wire supplier for world trading companies, importers, distributors and suppliers of fencing products. We supply barbed wire made of hot dipped galvanized wire, electric galvanised wire, or PVC coated wire.Barbed Type Iron Wires are made of material Q195 steel, comm

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    Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Wire Coils Single or Concertina

    Razor wire is made with galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet perforated in sharpe blade and high tension galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire as core wire. With the unique shape, razor wire gives excellent protection. Razor Wire is a modern type of protective and security products usua

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    Anti-Climb Rotator Spikes

    The has been designed as passive safety element with the unique feature of being a device sharply pointed rotary segments preventing the passage any person outside the protected area.The main feature of the , it is the instability that occurs when attempting to overshooting, because it does not hav

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    Rapid Deployment Wire

    That product will be used in conjunction with the ANT version. However, at the experimental time, the wire station was set up in approximately 1 hour. After that, around 20 minutes some of these trains were converted by 4 men.64 x 80 BTC Express is an fast limit barrier. It deploys a BTC concertina

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    Razor wire rapid deployment system

    The sharp impeller piercing device has properly developed with ESF a road vehicle providing fast and passive safety control method by providing a rapid-low beam-level patrol.Every emergency with 115 meters of compressors can be applied in seconds and it can provide for, and effectively, an immediate

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    Concertina razor wire

    The Concertina Wire or razor wire is a type of jagged wire produced of galvanized or stainless steel, manufactured in large coils which can be expanded like an accordion, characterized as an element of passive safety.Main function of the Concertina Wire is to form the concertina perimeter areas, hig

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    Concertina Razor Wire Rapid Deployment Barrier System

    The Radarot-Frontdeck Rafas Sehing can be controlled using an integrated ESF completely automatic, and there is a very simple, passive and flexible safety centre.The term ‘A’ unit to a maximum of 150 m is, in a few seconds, capable of speeding up an inspection guard and being used effectively.Any ve

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    The Types of Razor Wire Barbed Tape

    BFH Sydcon uses barbed tape products as an accessory to the main physical structure, primarily as a formidable anti-climb layer. Razorwire also acts as an excellent visual and psychological deterrent.Razor wire is a cost effective perimeter defence system, that can be readily deployed in response to

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