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  • Dec
    Rotating Wall Spikes

    Rotating Wall Spikes Introduction: Rotating Wall Spikes belongs to the technical field of police anti-riot facilities, used for preventing climbing and preventing oversteppingProduct parameters:Heavy-duty steel wall nails are available in a 2 meter long, modular design that allows users to create a

  • Aug
    Razor Barbed Wire Mesh

    Welded razor mesh gives a premium protective fence. Welded razor wire mesh is fabricated by welding straight razor wire in square or diamond profiles. This security fence is designed to prohibit entry and climbing for its sharp blades. Welded razor barbed wire is flat, so it looks aesthetically and can be used in places for people or car security where has more people. Welded razor wire mesh is a grid that has cells in the form of lozenges, made of razor barbed reinforced tape. Most welded razor wire is a canvas, rolled up in rolls.

  • Jul
    Riot wrecker responds to emergencies

    The razor wire safety barrier system, also known as the rapid deployment barrier, can quickly deploy 100 meters of isolation in more than ten seconds. It is known as "no bullet protection wall".

  • May
    Riot Barrier Network

    Riot barrier nets are suitable for isolation, traffic blocking, and area control of special occasions. In order to maintain social security order and safeguard public safety, the military and police officers need to effectively implement illegal isolation, traffic blocking, and regional seal control

  • Jul
    Rapid Deployment of High Density Razor Wire

    In today's era, under the global stabilization of the situation,but there are a lot of places that has a variety of unstable factors,the recent train station wounding in Germany, many gun-related crimes in U.S., Turkey rebellion, Philippines provoking Chinese sovereignty of South China Sea and so on.In many cases, we will suffer some loss of people and property and there is a device with the fastest speed on protecting the body and property, this equipment is a rapid deployment barrier. Zhengyang rapid deployment barrier is the best one of barriers. 

  • Mar
    Security Experts Split on Kenyan Barrier Wall

    As other security issues, border defense is always a hot topi in Africa. With danger increasing, Kenyan officials are working on building a wall along parts of the border - while keeping roads open for trade and easy access for security officials to respond to any attack.

  • Jun
    Israel Has Lost Credibility in Peace Process, Obama Says

    t any time, security and defense should be most important thing for a country. Each of us need peace rather than war, development but not seclusion. If one person or country wants respect, he should go with this trend. President Barack Obama says Israel is losing international credibility over whether it is serious about a peace settlement that includes a Palestinian state. Obama said diplomacy, not military action, is the only way to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. He said he understood Israel's concerns about a nuclear-armed Iran, but he has said many times that Israeli security is a top U.S. priority. Netanyahu's office did not immediately comment on the Obama interview. Speaking at an Israeli missile defense drill earlier Tuesday, Netanyahu stressed the need for self-sufficiency: "When it comes to Israel's security, I rely, first of all, on ourselves."

  • Jun
    US Transfers Yemeni Guantanamo Bay Detainee to Monteneg

    A review board determined in 2014 that Al Rahabi's detention was no longer necessary to protect against a significant threat to the United States, and recommended he be transferred.

  • Jul
    Could You Tell Me What Your Company Advantages Have?

    Zheng yang company is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling perimeter security products. We always insist on adhering to right values, taking our responsibilities, training our staff and servicing our clients. And we are in the leading position of the security and defense market.

  • Jul
    Could you tell me what unique features your products have?

    Firstly, our products are conformed to the ISO 9001, ISO14001 and SGS guidelines and you can trace each step in the production process. As our clients are government, military and police, we apply for Chinese military standards for our Rapid Deployment Barrier.  We can guarantee our product quality is better than other supplier.Secondly, our products have many innovation features. Zheng Yang rapid deployment barrier is design to modular that can save you money, and the withdraw function can save you time and space. Our rapid deployment barrier vehicle is easier to install, more energy-efficient, more green and all-electric systems. And our chain link fence can support surveillance, detection, assessment and electric alarms by providing a zone for installation of detection equipment and CCTV. Zheng Yang company have more than 24 years in providing various products and we are in the leading position of wire mesh industry. We guarantee that if our products or service fail to comply with t




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