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Hot-dip Galvanized Razor Wire

Razor wire supplied in concertina coils, straight razor wire and razor security barrier fence; made in galvanized, Hot-dip galvanized materials.

Product Description

The razor wire is stamped from a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet or a stainless steel sheet with a sharp blade shape, a high-tensile galvanized steel wire or a stainless steel wire as a core wire. Because the gill net shape is unique and difficult to touch, it can achieve excellent protection and isolation. The main materials of the product are galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet.

Hot-dip galvanized razor wire

Product features:

Galvanized blade gill net Excellent deterrent effect, beautiful appearance, convenient construction, economical and practical features.



Hot-dip galvanized razor wire Hot-dip galvanized razor wire

The galvanized blade gill net can be divided into: (snake-type) spiral blade barbed wire, linear blade barbed wire, flat blade barbed wire, blade barbed wire welding net, etc. according to different installation methods.

Specification size:

Hot-dip galvanized razor wire 


It is mainly used for the protection of garden apartments, government units, prisons, posts, border defenses, etc.

Hot-dip galvanized razor wire Hot-dip galvanized razor wire


   Razor Wire Installation Accessories   

SUN Security offers the following tools for installing Razor Wire, including heavy duty bolt cutters, cable tie ratchets, clip applicators and handling hooks.