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Explosion Wall


Product Description

The protective wall, also known as a protective barrier, is a multi-layer barrier system made of welded zinc aluminum coated steel wire and connected with a vertical spiral connection. The unit is lined with heavy nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles. When added and filled, the system can be used to create an excellent barrier to strength and structural integrity.

All standard products defense barrier are pre assembled, and the connecting pin carrying, to connect each unit, and with the least amount of manpower and equipment used to fill the available materials. The protection is provided by the filling material of the structure, as a result of its quality and physical properties, combined with the proven dynamic characteristics of the stone cage basket unit.

The standard HMIL blast furnace wall unit has been strengthened several years ago and the recoverable range of the HMIL unit has been introduced. It is available in the same size range and is deployed and filled in exactly the same way as the standard HMIL unit. The recoverable HMIL allows for easy removal of obstacles at the end of use. A reformer of expeditionary action.



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