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Explosion Isolation Networ

The prison fence is also called “Y-type security defensive net” prison steel net wall, which is composed of V-shaped support columns, reinforced welding nets, security anti-theft connectors and hot-dip galvanized blade thorn cages to form strength and safety defensive rating. Very high, in recent years, it has been widely used in prisons, airports, military bases and other high-security places.
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Product Description

Prisons fence also known as "Y-type safety protection net" Prison steel mesh wall is composed of V-bracket columns, reinforced welding mesh, security anti-theft connector and hot galvanized blade cage cage strength and safety defensive level High, in recent years, is widely used in prisons, airports, military bases and other high-security places.


Material: low carbon steel wire

Product Specifications:

Reinforcing bar diameter: 5mm / 6mm / 7mm / 8mm

Grid Size: 130X150mm 150X180mm 2300 X 3000mm 50mmX100mm, 50mmX200mm.

Maximum isolation height: 10m

Slab diameter 70mm

Mesh with V-shaped ribs, can greatly enhance the impact resistance of the fence.

Column 60X60 rectangular steel, V-shaped top welded frame. Or use 70mmX100mm hanging connection column. Products are galvanized after the use of high-quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying, the use of internationally popular RAL color. Weaving method: the preparation of welding

Product advantages:

Prison fence network advantages:

1. Beautiful, practical, easy to transport and install features.

2. Gradient terrain can also be applied. Mesh made of the corresponding angle mesh, column connection with the ground ups and downs can be adjusted up and down

3. Anti-climbing, climb over deterrent.

4. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weathering and other characteristics. Spiral cross-barbed wire gill net between the two razor wire to stainless steel sheet and galvanized steel strong clip, was developed after the cross-shaped, beautiful and practical.


Product Usage:

Railway isolation network protection network Industrial, agricultural, highways, railways, airports, residential quarters, port docks, gardens, feeding, livestock, prisons, sentries, border guards, banned areas, military defense and other high-risk areas of protection. Specifications can be customized according to the needs of processing.


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