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  • Nov
    [Knowledge] Bastion Barrier

    Bastion barrier, also known as blast wall, is a type of defensive barrier generally used in dangerous spots around the globe such as Iraq, Afghanistan and other places with ever-present threats.

  • Nov
    [Knowledge] Hot-dip galvanized wire

    Hot-dip galvanized wire processing technology:Hot-dip galvanized wire is also processed by using high-quality low-carbon steel wire rods (Q195, Q235), and processed by drawing molding, pickling and rust removal.

  • Nov
    [Knowledge] Galvanised steel fence

    European guardrail, it is one of the guardrail series, this European guardrail network was first used in Britain, now has been widely used at home and abroad. It replaces the original brick wall and some thick fence net.

  • Oct
    [Knowledge] Razor wire trailer deployment

    Razor wire trailer deployment (razor wire trailer) is designed for the rapid deployment of effectively layered concertina coils. This is a serious obstacle for rebels or demonstrators and vehicles to gain entry.Razor wire trailer deployment trailers are available in 3 coils configuration (3 coils =

  • Mar
    [Knowledge] Stage fence

    It is applied to the occasions with a lot of people to prevent the danger caused by the disorder of people. During the performance, all audiences always like to push forward, especially the safety of the actors, it is difficult to maintain order by personnel. This audience isolation fence can effectively isolate the audience from the stage and the outside world from the performance site to reduce accidents.

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