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  • Jan
    [Knowledge] Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves
  • Dec
    [Knowledge] 2d double twin wire garden fence fence metal double rod Double Bar Fencing
    2D panels made of wire with 6/5/6 mm and 8/6/8 mm cross-section, i.e. mesh fences are a universal solution for private and industrial areas.
  • Dec
    [Knowledge] Aluminum Barabed Wire/galvanized Barbed Wire/barbed Wire Fence
    Aluminum-clad Steel Razor Barbed Wire is additionally named Tape Wire, Razor Tape Wire, Barbed Tape or Barbed Tape Wire. It tends to be introduced to accomplish the aftereffect of startling and halting to the forceful border interlopers, with piecing and cutting extremely sharp steels mounted at the
  • Nov
    [Knowledge] Bastion Barrier
    Bastion barrier, also known as blast wall, is a type of defensive barrier generally used in dangerous spots around the globe such as Iraq, Afghanistan and other places with ever-present threats.
  • Nov
    [Knowledge] Hot-dip galvanized wire
    Hot-dip galvanized wire processing technology:Hot-dip galvanized wire is also processed by using high-quality low-carbon steel wire rods (Q195, Q235), and processed by drawing molding, pickling and rust removal.
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