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Anti-riot barrier network

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Anti-riot barrier network

Anti-riot barrier network

Razor wire security barrier system also known as anti-riot vehicle, is a new type of obstacle deployment equipment. The Rapid Deployment Barrier is used for riots, stability, borders, battlefields and road isolation. It can arm 1.75 meters high gill net belt quickly , hailed as: no bullet protective wall!

Our advantage:

  1. Fast arming: The Razor Wire Trailer can be deployed for 100 meters in 20 seconds. The obstacles can be recovered within 4 minutes.   

  2. Automatic recovery function.

  3. Modular production, easy disassembly and assembly can save transportation and storage costs.

  4. The traction part can be folded or disassembled to save space.

  5. Strong storage capacity.

  6. Brushless motors make driving quieter and extend the service life of the motor.

  7. The control system includes manual buttons and a remote controller; the device has both an oil-disc brake and an electric brake function.

  8. Owning to the search lights, turn signals, tail warning lights and warning light tops, safety factor can be increased.

  We provide work clothes, gloves (stainless steel gloves available), tool box and first aid kit. 

Anti-riot barrier network Razor Wire Security Barrier System

Our products can quickly arm 100-120 m blade isolation tape for regional protectiona and Within a few tenths of a second, a hundred meters of barriers can be scattered to quickly isolate the safe areas, thereby protecting the safety of people and property. This product can be used for stability, borders, battlefields and road isolation or permanent protection of military bases.





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