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Zhengyang Riot Control Fence

Views:0     Author:Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2016-07-18      Origin:Site Inquire

Do you want to watch a football match in Shijiazhuang of Yongchang? Do you want to move closer to Jackie Chan?Do you want to see a live in Yutong stadium? No problem. You can see it in Shijiazhuang. But when you see your favorite idol, there is a problem can not be ignored——it is safe. How to control the huge crowds of people, the safety of the masses, is indeed a problem that can not be ignored. But now, we, Zhengyang Riot Control Fence to provide you with the safest, most convenient protection.

Zhengyang Riot Control Fence
Now let me have a specific introduction of our product. Zhengyang Riot Control Fence are made of high quality iron steel and aluminium. The surface is hot-dipped galvanized which has the ability of anti-corrosion. It also has the following features:
• Extended foot board to make the barriers more stable
• Each set connect each other to be stronger
• Corner angle is adjustable to be suitable for actual sites
• Ramp on front board to prevent tripping accident
• Smaller holes on front board to prevent hurting fingers 

Designed for use with large crowds, Riot Control Fence incorporate flat feet (to minimise the tripping hazard), and they provide a quick and efficient barrier perfect for all situations. With the protection of our products, not only can have a good order, but also can protect the crowds. So why don’t you have a try?

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