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Zhengyang Rapid Deployment Barrier

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With the occurrence of large-scale terrorist incidents in the world, the burden of peacekeeping forces on the shoulders of the force is also more heavy. We can see that every year there are a number of police in order to defend our safety and sacrifice, our mood is very complex. So how do we protect these heroes, when our police are using guns to protect our security, is a problem that we need to think about. Now, Zhengyang Rapid Deployment Barrier, they protect our homeland and assets by weapons, we protect them by security and defence products.

Rapid Deployment Barrier is a rapidly deploy-able razor wire fencing system that can be deployed from towable trailers that enable the user to dispense. Barriers are fully recoverable and reusable. Equipment is supplied to upload and recompress the barrier into modules – simple to handle and compact to store.
Zhengyang Rapid Deployment Barrier

There are five stages of production process.
1. Steel Bar Arrangement. Workers use machines to cut the steel bars into desired shapes, according to the drawings.
2. Surface treatment ( 8 steps). It is to give the metal a reasonably hard, electrically non-conducting surface coating of insoluble phosphate, which is contiguous and highly adherent to the underlying metal, and is considerably more absorptive than the metal.
3. Welding and Assembly. During this stage, we effectively combine components by using CO2 welding, nut and bolt.
4. Paint.
5.Test. All rapid deployment trailer is tested to make sure there is no problem when being used.
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