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Why Choose Hot Dipped Galvanized Barbed

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Hot Dip Galvanising is a process developed to prevent steel from corroding. The hot dipped galvanized barbed have many advantages as follows.

Why Choose Hot Dipped Galvanized Barbed
1 - Long life
Galvanizing provides an easy to clean surface which can give a maintenance-free life of over 50   years. When maintenance eventually becomes necessary, it is straightforward: no complex preparation treatments are necessary.

2 - Competitive first cost
For many applications the cost of hot dip galvanizing is lower than that of applying alternative coatings.

3 - Lowest lifetime cost
Low initial cost and long life make galvanizing the most versatile and economic way of protecting steel for long periods.

4 - Reliability
The process is relatively simple, straightforward and closely controlled.

5 - Speed of application
A full protection coating can be applied in hours; a complicated paint system can require a week.

6 - Coating toughness
Galvanizing is unique: the hot dip process produces a coating which is bonded metallurgically to the steel.

7 - Complete coverage
Because it is formed by dipping steel in molten zinc, all parts of the surface of the steel are coated - inside, outside, awkward corners, and narrow gaps which would be impossible to protect in any other way.

8 - Faster construction
Galvanized steel is ready for use. No further site surface preparation, painting, touch up or inspection is necessary. Once constructed the galvanized steel is ready for use: and cladding can begin immediately, thus accelerating the construction time.

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