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What are the differences between electro galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized wire

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Galvanized wire hot-dip zinc-plated is also known as thermal zinc plated gal. wire or HDG wire. Electro-galvanized wire is also called electroplating wire or cold galvanized wire.
Processing Differences:
Electroplating is achieved by placing the zinc ingots, zinc wire in a liquid bath energized at a current. Under the magnetic field, the zinc atoms lose electrons to become ions, free out of the zinc block, gradually adsorbed onto the steel wire object to be plated.
Thermal zinc plating or hot dip plating is made by placing the steel wire immersed in a liquid bath of hot melt zinc. The zinc layer is formed through intense high-temperature chemical reaction process. Hence, the electroplating is also called cold plating and the later hot dip plating.
Zinc layer thickness and zinc coating quantity difference:
Cold galvanized layer is extremely thin, usually only 3-15 microns;
Hot-dip galvanizing layer is thick, the minimum thickness is 45 microns, maximum up to 300 microns.
Property and Service Life Differences:
Electro cold galvanized wire with a thin zinc covering can only serve a short life. It is bright at the beginning, then become pickling or oxidized under conditions of insufficient acid or humid air within several weeks.
Hot-dip zinc galvanized steel wire enjoys excellent corrosion resistance. Depending on zinc layer thickness, it can be used for several years or decades before heavily oxidized .If you have any demand ,please call us at 86-311-67263936.


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