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Welded Razor Wire Mesh With Diamond Shape

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Our company——Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Co. Ltd is specialized in making security products, like razor wire, barbed wire,wall spike and rapid deployment barrier. Our manufacturing partner, Jinxi Industry Group belongs to China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), which is a pioneer and leader of Chinese military tradeAll products are in accordance with domestic military standards and international quality control system.
Welded razor wire mesh  is the ideal solution for any perimeter security requirements. It is usually used at airports, military bases, prisons, water reservoirs, warehouses, border posts, oil depots, energy factory as well as government institutes.
There is some detailed parameter:
Welded razor wire fence, for stopping people from climbing the railing, 25' length and 3.5' height.
Welded razor wire mesh 1200 m long and 2.0 m high.
Welded razor wire and the T-shaped poles to cover 1800 mm high × 125 m long.
120 m length and 500 mm coil diameter welded razor wire mesh on top of a palisade fence
Welded razor wire mesh 1800 mm high to cover 245 m in the airport area.
Welded razor wire mesh with height of 3 m and length 1000 m.
Welded razor mesh 2.4 m height × 500 m length and 1.8 m height × 500 m length.
The welded razor wire mesh have a special purposes -- use combined with the concertina razor wire and flat wrapped razor wire.
Our packaging about welded razor wire:
Packing will be different based on clients request.
Normally, welded razor mesh is packed with waterproof paper inside and woven bag outside.
About 15 rolls per small bundle,and put on the wood pallet or in carton box.
If you are interested in our product, please contract us:
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