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Triple-strand Concertina Razor Wire Obstacle Manufacturer

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Razor wire has been chosen as barrier in various forms, including concertina razor wire, straight razor wire, welded razor wire mesh fence and flat razor wire. Well, none of these types of razor wire can be compared with triple-strand concertina razor wire. 
Why choose triple strand razor wire?
Digging a hole, or creating a sand barrier takes much time and many efforts. Wire obstacle is always chosen in military. Razor wire, made of steel sheet and has sharp blaze, so it can help make good deterrence.
Triple strand wire is a pyramid form of razor wire coils. Each coil has clips (3-5 clips). The height of barrier can reach up to 1.2 meters, and the width is always 60-75 cm. Do not misjudge this kind of security barrier. Even a tank cannot cross it. Well, if people insist forcing their way, they would definitely get injured and the tank will be twined.
mobile security barriertriple strand concertina razor wire
Where can I buy triple strand razor wire with best quality?
Quality should be the priority, and price may be the second buyers will consider. We, Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd., cooperating with  the China North Industries Group Corporation, can manufacture razor wire with military standard. 
We are not a very big company, but we are the most sincere supplier. Long and friendly cooperation is what we are looking for. We of course want to make a profit, but the first thing we want is a good business friend. 


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