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The good Quality of Our Welded Razor Wire Mesh

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   Welded razor barbed wire is flat, so it looks aesthetically and can be used in places for people or car security where has more people. It is used in operations to pave the field after the installation of a blade barrier. This product can protect you and your property, and ensures the safety of the protective barriers. Our product has a neat appearance, but it is difficult to climb, even if there is a special tool for outsiders. And it is simple to installed.

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  We have two materials for you to choose: stainless and galvanized steel options. This type of razor wire can save your money because you needn’t to install added razor wire. It is used to secure areas with increased security requirements and surveillance or areas of limited access, like the military bases, police departments, military proving grounds,airports,prisons,industry areas, water reservoirs, warehouses, border posts, oil depots, energy factory as well as government institutes. Our specification is as follows:

Material: galvanized, stainless steel
Standard Heights: 4’, 6’, 7’, 7.5’ and 10’ (1.2m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4 m and 3m)
Aperture Size:7.5cm x 15cm or 15cm X 30cm.
Standard Panel Length: 20’6’’ (6m)
Blade length: 0.98’’  (2.5cm)
Blade thickness: 0.02’’ (0.5mm)
Blade width: 0.74’’ (19mm)
Blade spacing: 1.97’’ (5cm)

Our welded razor mesh is usually packed with waterproof paper inside and woven bag outside. About 15 rolls per small bundle, and put on the wood pallet or in carton box. But if you have any requirements about packing, please tell us. We can adjust the packing to satisfy you requirements. I think it is must a perfect choice for you to accept our products. If you are interested in our products, you can contact with us by emailing to sun@sunwiremesh.com.


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