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The Questions about Concertina Razor Wire, Flat Wrapped Razor Wire and Welded Razor Wire Mesh

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What are the Differences among Concertina Razor Wire, Flat Wrapped Razor Wire and Welded Razor Wire Mesh?
The concertina spiral razor wire is made of 0.5mm thick hot-galvanized steel sheet and 2.5mm thick high-carbon galvanized wire. These coils are compressed for transportation, and then stretched for use.
Concertina Razor Wire has two formations: spiral formation (unclipped) and concertina formation (clipped).
Flat Wrapped Razor Wire is a modification of the spiral razor security barrier, Flat security barrier concertina as spiral security barrier, also made of reinforced barbed tape concertina. And its adjacent coils fastened together with staples from galvanized steel.
Welded Razor Wire Mesh is a multi-functional, high security mesh fencing made of straight-blade netting welded together, packaging into a roll form for transport. Welded Razor Wire Mesh is used in operations to pave the field after the installation of a blade barrier. This Welded Razor Wire Mesh security fence product is almost impossible to climb or cut off with the standard tools, also it has a neat appearance.
When should we choose Concertina Razor Wire or Flat Wrapped Razor Wire or Welded Razor Wire Mesh?
In our opinion , you can choose the right razor wire according to the features of the three kinds of razor wire.
Concertina Razor coils is made by stainless steel sheets and galvanized high tensile claps. It has a beautiful crossing outlook and it is suitable for uses after extending, making an ideal security fencing with great anti-climb and anti-cutting property. Standard materials for razor type barbed wire are either galvanized or stainless steel.
Flat razor wire is designed to protect facilities in urban areas and when you can not use spiral razor security barrier because of its size. Flat razor mesh barrier security can be installed on all types of fences and barrier, in addition, a fence may be constructed of several flat strips of barbed tape.
Flat razor mesh security barrier is more economical than concertina razor security barrier, because its production requires significantly less concertina wire, so in those cases where no special requirements for security of enclosing an object, the flat razor barrier security can be a good choice.
The features of Welded Razor Wire Mesh :
1 it is almost impossible to climb.
2 high-strength steel core very difficult to cut off.
3 powerful security fence barriers neat appearance.
4 no secondary use, so he will not be stolen.


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