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The Network isolation barrier

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The Network isolation barrier

Product Type Bvlade Barbed Wire


Three coils

Stabbing nets easily deformed elastically strong, very sharp blade, and having a good protective effect deterrent

The knife gill net is made of 304 stainless steel and is suitable for harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and acid rain. It can be used frequently and can be placed in the open air for a long time without fear of rust damage.

The blade gauze wagon is designed for regional police and military activities.

Diameter: 65--70 cm (bottom), 80--120 cm (in)

Material: hot-dip galvanized, electrogalvanized steel, stainless steel blade: custom specifications.

Length: compression module: 3.6 m Post length: 90 meters cycle: production according to customer requirements.

Height: 1.7m



1、Long barrier distance:Vehicle barrier distance up to 12 meters

2、Fast and convenient operation:can be completed deploy or recover in 5-8 minutes with 2 persons

3、Not affected by terrain:The Rapid Deployment Razor Wire Barrier can be used on flat terrain, pits, slopes, small obstacles, and other terrain 

4、Wide range of uses: The barrier net can realize the combination of "一", "S", "U" and other barrier structures, and can be used in single or multiple groups; the connection can be set to capture doors

Blocking network for special occasions isolation barrier, blocking and transport regions sealed off like. In order to maintain social security order and safeguard public safety, the military and police officers need to effectively implement illegal isolation, traffic blocking, and regional seal control on the scene of illegal and criminal activities during the process of maintaining stability. Products can prevent crowds from colliding, climbing and striding, and they can also stop cars from forcibly punching cards. Widely used in the defense of military facilities, airports, warehouses, prisons, enterprises and institutions, as well as border defense and isolation.





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