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The “House” Equipped With Fence&Razor Wire ---You Won’t Get Away

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In my opinion, prisoners are very miserable with staying the jail which was surrounded by high security fence and barbed wire. Everyone likes freedom and wants to go outside.
The “House” Equipped With Fence&Razor Wire ---You Won’t Get Away
US President Barack Obama has cut short the jail sentences of 214 federal inmates, including 67 life sentences, in what officials say is the single biggest act of presidential clemency in more than 100 years.
Most of those affected were guilty of non-violent crimes, many involving possession or distribution of drugs. The president has now made 562 commutations, officials say, He was more authorized than the previous nine presidents combined.
Correspondents say that Mr Obama's drive to reduce the sentences of non-violent drug offenders as part of his clemency initiative reflects his long-held belief that the US needs to introduce less severe sentencing requirements.
We all know that every prison is enclosed and supervised strictly, but do you know what other real stuff contribute in taking charge of those inmates. Yes, it is high security fencing and razor wire.Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co.Ltd is specialized in producing Chain Link Fence, Riot Control Fence, 358 Anti-climb Fence and barbed tapes for many years. we have many orders from our regular customers and new customers, there is hardly complaints about the quality of our experienced products.
The “House” Equipped With Fence&Razor Wire ---You Won’t Get Away
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