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The High Security Fence Application

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Recently year, there are so many shooting and terror attacks take place in the whole world, for example the Florida shooting case, knife attack in Japan.  As we all know, high security fence can cast steel wall for us and combat attacks, so it is rapidly growing in uses. The high security fence include riot control, chain link and 358 Anti-climb fence, and different species have different use.

 Riot control fence, which also called mojo barrier, is ideal for high security situations to contain riot and avoid unnecessary casualties, such as in major gatherings, concert, or events. We can easily see it in the Rio Olympic game. 

The High Security Fence Application

 Chain link fence, also named cyclone fence, can provide medium security for schools, parks, and it also can provide high security requirements when along with razor wire. The chain link fence applications including commercial, residential and military situation. 

The High Security Fence Application

We can know that 358-anti climb fence often used in the prison from its name, it is very difficult to climb and cut off because of the fence is welded with strong panels and small mesh opening.

The High Security Fence Application

The road of world peace still have long way to go, and what we can do is that provide stable barrier for home. We need strength and durability fence to protect our safe and Zheng Yang high security fence is perhaps the most economical way. No matter for commercial, residential, or security need, you can contact with us by email sun@sunwiremesh.com and we can give you guide if you need.


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