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Some Questions About Rapid Deployment Barrier

Views: 3     Author: Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd      Publish Time: 2016-07-19      Origin: Site Inquire

What is the process of producing Rapid Deployment Barrier?
There are five stages of production process.
1. Steel Bar Arrangement. Workers use machines to cut the steel bars into desired shapes to adapt to the producing needs.
2. Surface treatment ( 8 steps). It is to give the metal a reasonably hard, electrically non-conducting surface coating of insoluble phosphate, which is contiguous and highly adherent to the underlying metal, and is considerably more absorptive than the metal.
3 .Welding and Assembly. During this stage, we effectively combine components by using CO2 welding, nut and bolt.  
4. Paint.  Workers will paint for every rapid deployment barrier to make the surface pleasing to the eye.
5.Test. All rapid deployment barrier should be tested to know whether they are qualified and handle problems in time,so could we make sure there is no problem when being used.

Why did you say that the Rapid Deployment Barrier is accordance with military standard?

Zhengyang rapid deployment barrier, it is designed mainly for government, police and military. At first, the trailer is made of high strength steel.And for the razor wire,which is used for prevent all of the dangerous factors. it is made of galvanized steel, so it will be very solid.  Besides,it is very fast and convenient, the barrier could deploys 100 meters in 30 seconds and recoverable in 5 minutes. So, it is really a perfect equipment for emergency.

Please tell me  the features of Zhengyang rapid deployment barrier compared with other company's?
1.Fast: Barrier deploys 100 meters in 30 seconds and recoverable in 5 minutes,which will  saves much time for you. 
2.Barrier is definitely recycled. Its automatic with drawing function saves time and manpower when refill  trailer.
3. Modular: Trailer is modular designed, so it is shipped in knock-down condition. This saves store space and freight cost.   
4. Durable: It is in accordance with military standard.Trailer is made of strong strength steel . The razor wire is made of galvanized steel. It is worth 100 policemen.


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