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Some Questions About 358 Anti-Climb Fence

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How did 358 Anti-Climb Fence  working?
The 358 Anti-Climb Fence is used for protect places from damage by people or other creatures. It is usually installed with concertina razor wire coils or barbed wire on its top to strengthen the protection ability. It is especially used for prison and military bases. As the name suggests, 358 Anti-Climb Fence is anti-climb, the mesh opening is very small ,so it is very difficult to pass items from the protected area through 358 fencing. In this way,could it provide protection for you.
What are the features of your 358 Anti-Climb Fence?
1. Anti-Climb :This is the most important feature. All the wires are very close to each other, the mesh opening is very small, even no toe or finger holds. In a word, it is very difficult and time consuming to attempt to pass items from the protected area through 358 fencing.  
2. Anti-Cut: Because of the robust wire and welded joints, it is very solid and difficult to be cut off. So 358 could offers low maintenance, long life protection. Its durability is very good. That is exactly why it could provide prison and military with strong protection.
3:Good Viewing Visibility: Even though the opening is very small, it could still provide a good viewing visibility when viewed head-on, which is because of the flat, two-dimensional profile, it is easier to see through than chain link. This is particularly important for clear camera surveillance. 
4:Alarm System: It is one of the characteristics of 358 anti-climb fence. We installed electric alarm on this high security fence. So it will be easier for monitoring personnel to know what happened in time.
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