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Riot Control Fence, for against the conflict.

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If you want to hold a concert, if you want to do a large-scale campaign, if you  want to have a meeting......As long as you want to guard against any possible conflicts or injury because of  the crowd, then you need our  Riot Control Fence.
This type of fence is designed to make riot or crowd control, so riot control fence is also named as access control barricade, anti-riot barrier, but Mojo Barrier has been the most popular name.Compared with tradition barriers, mojo barrier is more convenient for transport and storage because of light weight, while providing high security.It can be effective in separating from all the others,so that the crowd could be in order. If you have any problems in terms of security, Riot Control Fence will be your good assistant.
 Riot Control Fence, for against the conflict.
Mojo barrier are made of high quality iron steel and aluminium. The surface is hot-dipped galvanized which has the ability of anti-corrosion. It also has the following features:
Extended foot board to make the barriers more stable
Each set connect each other to be stronger
Corner angle is adjustable to be suitable for actual sites
Ramp on front board to prevent tripping accident
Smaller holes on front board to prevent hurting fingers  
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Phone: Nancy Wang 15512988999  
Phone: Jason zhao 15533603205
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