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Riot Control Fence Is A Kind of Flexible “Rampart”

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Have you been to the vocal concert of Taylor swift or Jay Chou?
What security tools have you seen around the stage of vocal concert or Festival?
How effective do you know the Riot Control Fence can be?
Riot Control Fence Is A Kind of Flexible “Rampart”
Mojo barrier are made of high quality iron steel and aluminium. The surface is hot-dipped galvanized which has the ability of anti-corrosion Primarily available to hire as a temporary solution, it is ideal for sectioning off restricted areas and buildings, creating walkways and segregating crowds.
The ability to create flexible and adaptable configurations without losing integrity or strength was a vital part of the product’s design, with a range of specially-manufactured doors and corners also available. The addition of curb risers allows an uninterrupted barrier line no matter what the terrain.
There are many advantages of the access control fence barricade:
(1)Quick and simple to build
(2)Exceptionally strong and durable
(3)Mojo Barriers’ mega exits, gates and doors can be seamlessly integrated into the barrier line
(4)Aesthetically attractive compared to the usual herris fencing and similar type of barricade
(5)Can cross roads and split level pavements
This type of fence is designed to make riot or crowd control, so riot control fence is also named as access control barricade, anti-riot barrier, but Mojo Barrier has been the most popular name.Compared with tradition barriers, mojo barrier is more convenient for transport and storage because of light weight, while providing high security. 
Riot Control Fence Is A Kind of Flexible “Rampart”
The mojo barrier is a kind of featured product in our company— Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co.Ltd. If you are interested in our products or need further information, you can send us an email to sun@sunwiremesh.com.


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