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Riot Control Fence Can Build A Safe “Stage”

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  This type of fence is designed to make riot or crowd control, so riot control fence is also named as access control barricade, anti-riot barrier, but Mojo Barrier has been the most popular name.Compared with tradition barriers, mojo barrier is more convenient for transport and storage because of light weight, while providing high security.The CrowdStopper barricade fencing by Signature is ideal where high quality, attractive and durable crowd control is required. Built to proven design standards, CrowdStopper metal barricades are built from high-quality carbon steel and are hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to ensure long-term weather resistance.

Riot Control Fence Can Build A Safe “Stage”

Mojo barrier are made of high quality iron steel and aluminium. The surface is hot-dipped galvanized which has the ability of anti-corrosion. It also has the following features:
• Extended foot board to make the barriers more stable
• Each set connect each other to be stronger
• Corner angle is adjustable to be suitable for actual sites
• Ramp on front board to prevent tripping accident
• Smaller holes on front board to prevent hurting fingers  

Crowd Control Barriers for hire are used at events of all sizes, including major events such as the Sydney Olympic Games, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, and Melbourne Australian Grand Prix. The riot control fence is designed for use with large crowds, Crowd Barriers incorporate flat feet (to minimize the tripping hazard), and they provide a quick and efficient barrier perfect for all situations .The Crowd Control Barrier system is ideally suited for use for sporting events, concerts, public gatherings, construction sites and any on site designated area you need to divert or keep the public away from.
Riot Control Fence Can Build A Safe “Stage”



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