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Riot Control Fence Application

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Riot control fence you also could call it crowd control barrier or mojo barrier. Maybe you are not  familiar enough to this product, after all hey are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations, and outdoor festivals.
Crowd control barricades are most commonly made of steel, although lighter-weight plastic variations are sometimes used. Barriers are most effective when they interlock, being attached to each other in a line via hooks at the side of each barricade. When barricades are interlocked, security personnel can create impenetrable lines, because such lines of barriers cannot easily be toppled over.
The main content of this article is to introduce the application of riot control fence. Some main occasions:
First, concert : People often make some crazy action to chase after their favorite stars. If the singing star will hold a concert, then many people will watch this concert. crowd congestion, the order is not easy to maintain. The riot control will play a very important role here.
riot control fence
Second, sport meeting or other events. using crowd control barriers manufactured using metal or concrete is an excellent quick fix for managing different categories of crowds such as pedestrian traffic during conferences sports-matches and other large-scale events. Moreover, they are also used by security personnels to take charge of the situation and control influx of people during protests, ralleys and other instances of vast gatherings.
riot control fence
Third This riot control fence can be deployed by our mobile security barrier system. Fences are first installed on the trailer. Only two men can operate this equipment to release riot control fence in seconds. This will  save manpower greatly.
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