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Razor Wire Trailer

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Razor Wire Trailer Deployment

The  can deploy, recover and store about 250 ft of triple strand razor wire. The razor wire can be either NATO short barb, medium blade, long blade or detainer hook. It can be produced in either galvanized wire / galvanized blade, galvanized wire / stainless steel blade or stainless steel wire / stainless steel blade. The standard triple strand wire is comprised of 2 – 28” coils on bottom and 1 – 38” coil on top. These 3 coils form a barrier that is approximately 58” wide x 66” tall. The trailer has an adjustable hitch that is either ball or pintle. A dual jockey wheel is incorporated into the jack to allow you to move the trailer by hand.

To deploy the barricade, the end of the wire is pulled off the rear of the trailer and affixed. Trailer is pulled forward and wire is deployed in under a couple minutes. The trailer can be left attached to end of wire or the wire can be disconnected and affixed to other object.

To retrieve the barricade the user simply backs the trailer towards the deployed barricade. As a function of operation of the wire coil it will automatically retract into the trailer. A person is stationed on each side of the coil to gently guide it back into the trailer. Once the coil is back most of the way into the trailer, the winch cable is attached and the winch is used to complete the recovery into the trailer.


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