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Razor Wire Trailer Deployment System: Rapid, Convenient & Safety

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Razor Wire Trailer Deployment System

Razor wire trailer also called razor wire rapid deployment system, is especially designed for pulling out and pulling back the razor wire in coil. Generally the contracting system includes two kinds of systems: automatic system and semi-automatic system. Compared with the current manual system, it is easy to operate, thus manpower and time is saved. Generally, it can be used in some public emergency events, like activities of riots or demonstrators, activities of area police and military. With the rapid deployment system, the security fence wire can be installed and contracted rapidly and safely.

How does the trailer deployment work?

The operation of trailer deployment is convenient and rapid. Deployment trailer, connected with front car through axis of traction, can be combined with various kinds of cars when using. So it is very convenient. At the same time, when stretching, you just need to open the tailgate, pull off the end of razor concertina wire coils and affix the wire well. Then you drive the car forwards and the compressed razor concertina wire coils will be stretched out. Your task is complete and the whole process only takes 3 to 5 minutes. While, the process of contracting razor wire coil is also simple as stretching the razor concertina wire coils. You just need to operate the switch and the razor wire coil will contract automatically. But there will need 2 people at each side of the razor wire coil to guarantee the contracting direction.

Razor Wire Trailer Deployment System Specification

In order to let the customers to better use and operate the razor wire trailer deployment, we have made some using instructions and please click the razor wire concertina using instructions.

• Trailer color: olive-green, orange or can be customized.

• Number of trailer window at each side: 3.

• Additional information: wheel and connecting link are adjustable and the trailer window can be opened or closed.

• Multi-function. It not only can stretch and but also can contract the razor wire.

• Manpower and time saving. It operates conveniently and rapidly and the whole process only needs 3 - 5 minutes with help of 2 - 3 people.

• High mobility. The front car can haul the trailer to any designated site to achieve the best controlling time.

• High barricading value. The trailer system is especially suitable for sudden or planned riots and protests can minimize the lost to a large extent.

• Reusable. The trailer deployment is made of high quality stainless steel or equivalent material can be used repeatedly.

• Customized. The trailer color can be painted according to customers' specific requirements.


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