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Rapid Deployment Barrier

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With police and military organisations being increasingly called upon to provide protection in unchartered territories, being a first respondent to a volatile situation requires serious, structural ‘back-up’. Temporary fencing is no longer just a requirement for festival crowd-control and public gatherings. In response to the growing demand for instantly deployed perimeter security, Cochrane Global have developed the .

Deployed in Seconds for a Wide Scope of Protection

Designed to provide responsive protection to defence personnel, the  is capable of deploying between 250-1000 feet of barbed tape or razor wire coils in a matter of seconds. Its capability to provide immediate crowd control and force protection under hazardous conditions is unparalleled. It does not require any foundations in order to secure to the surface, thereby allowing up to 1000 feet (300 metres) of high security temporary fencing to be installed in 15 seconds. Cochrane Global designs, manufactures and supplies rapid deployment barriers to key infrastructure such as airports, defence bases and national key points across the globe. More recently, the barrier has become the preferred perimeter solution for vacant properties and commercial premises in high net-worth locations.

– Barriers are fully reusable and transportable

– Custom equipment supplied to uplift and recompress the barrier into modules

– A single carrier unit can be quickly refilled to drop kilometres of barrier in minutes

– Temporary fencing barriers can be tailored to meet the client’s exact requirements.

– The system is simple to handle and surprisingly compact to store.

The  can be customised with either Ripper Blade© or Passive Blades depending on the scale of crowd control and defence required. This ensures that the barrier, and not your personnel and property, takes the brunt of the force, should any situation suddenly turn volatile.

For more information on how the  can provide immediate protection for your key projects, or to request a customised quote, contact our team today by clicking on the link below.


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