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Rapid Deployment Barrier-Military Quality form Manufacturer

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Rapid deployment barrier, also named mobile security barrier, is mainly used to crowd control and riot prevention. It can quickly deploy to form a barrier, and the razor wire coils/barbed wire/steel fence can be recovered in a short time. It is used by governments to reduce injury and damage to the people and property. This long fence can prevent intrusion of terrorists, illegal protests, people who cross the border even a tank in battle field.
Rapid deployment barrier-military quality form manufacturer

Our rapid deployment barrier have the military quality and can be fully recovered and reusable. Barrier deploys 100 meters in 30 seconds and recoverable in 5 minutes. It has withdrawing automatic function, so it can greatly save space, time and manpower. Trailer is made of strong strength steel, which is in accordance with military standard. Brushless motor makes travel more quite and needs low maintenance costs.
Rapid deployment barrier-military quality form manufacturer

There are five stages of production process: 1.Steel Bar Arrangement. 2. Surface treatment (8 steps). 3. Welding and Assembly.4. Paint. 5. Test. Our products are through many steps and repeated testing, so the quality should not be doubted. There are two specification of the rapid deployment barrier. The one is the trailer, Length: 5.8m, Width: 2.0m, Height: 2.6m, Net Weight: 1200kg Three types: manual, hand operation,motor-driven.The other is razor wire, Coil diameter: 65-70cm(bottom),80-120cm(top),Material: hot-dipped galvanized, electric-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, Blade: Specifications are customized, Length: compressed module: about 3.5m(3 rolls) ,released length:60m/roll,Loops: As clients required. Height: 1.7m-1.8m. I think it is must a perfect choice for you to accept our products. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.Tel: +86-311-67263936


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