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Rapid Deployment Barrier-----An Amazing Fighter in the New Era

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In the wake of the worldwide phenomenon of mass civil unrest, more governments are relying on the Rapid Deployment Barrier to mitigate injury and damage to their people, police and property. Equipment can be supplied to uplift and recompress the barrier into modules, simple to handle and compact to store. A single carrier unit can be quickly refilled to drop many kilometers of barrier in a short period of time of time.
The mobile trackless security barrier is the world’s most commonly used equipment for containing riots and controlling crowds non-aggressively. The system is designed to provide rapid protection, thousands of meters of non-aggressive tangle barrier can be deployed at high speed to provide immediate protection.

Rapid Deployment Barrier-----An Amazing Fighter in the New Era
The    triple-strand concertina wire obstacle can automatically lay out a mobile security fence in a very short time. It can control emergencies in related area timely and effectively.
Our riot-control barrrier  is welded by high quality steel plate ,with 5.8m long,2.0mwide,2.6mhigh .its  body  weight is about 1200kg.And our equipment has been applied for grant of a patent, the patent No is 201521134414,so we can guarantee the quality of our rapid deployment barrier.  The quality is in accordance with military quality. The rapid deployment barrier designed by our Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd is a perfect choice for you.

The  mobile security  trailer can install razor wire, barbed wire and alarm wire according to your real situation, and the trailer body is available in many colors,such like camouflage. The rapid deployment barrier can build a barrier wall quickly, it’s not only more efficiency, convenient than other security barrier. but also it‘s fully reusable, have long service life, For your reference: Assembled Mobile Security Barrier, Fixed Mobile Security Barrier, two kind of mobile security barrier to meet your need. If you want to know more information, please contact us asap. Emailing to sun@sunwiremesh.com.
Rapid Deployment Barrier-----An Amazing Fighter in the New Era


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