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Tractor vehicle 
1)Adjust the support leg and make drag link with tractor vehicle
2)When the front car runs, open the drag plate
3)When the front car is backing, close the drag plate

2.Working process

When the vehicle is near to the riot site, open the tailgate;
After vehicle arrive riot sites, put down the frame by controller;
Somebody controls the controller and press button to adjust the gear to deploy state (let gear descend);
All razor meshes will be deployed and finally another frame put down on the ground;
Considering safety of worker, it is better that controller is controlled by driver. It is easy and just need to press the buttons.
Close the lock plate, because tractor vehicle will draw back
Open the tailgate
Put frame on the vehicle and adjust gear at state of retrieve (let gear rise)
3)Open the main switch
4)Open the alert light


1)Deployment of Concertina razor barbed wire mesh
When the vehicle is located in near to designated site, make the plug in tailgate and open tailgate
After vehicle drives at riot sit, control the button on controller to deploy razor mesh. Press button “LOCK” on controller, frame on side of tailgate fall down on ground and razor mesh will deploy automatically until another frame on another side fall down on ground.The total length of razor mesh is about 80 meters.

Note: Considering riot site is very dangerous, it is much better that open tailgate before vehicle arrives at riot site. After the vehicle arrives at riot site, people stay in front of car ti operate controller and deploy razor mesh. Because there is magnet in frame, razor mesh could not fall down until operate controller, even the tailgate is opened.

2)Retrieval of concertina razor barbed wire mesh
Open the watching window on two sides of vehicle to make man look the progress clearly;
Close the drag plate.Open tailgate and 1-2 persons out frame on vehicle;
Press”ON/OFF” on controller and windlass will rise automatically and start to work. Razor mesh will be withdrawn automatically along with back the front car. In this process, you can press “ON/OFF”, “speedup” or “RED” to adjust the working condition;
Put another frame on vehicle and lock the tailgate.





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