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     Unlike other steel metal products, our rapid deployment barrier (mobiles security barrier) trailer is shipped in knock-down condition. That means the trailer is modular, but it is very easy to assemble and store.
     This part shows you how to assemble rapid deployment barrier fast and correctly. Before that, you need to check all the components. 

Please refer to “rapid deployment components list.pdf”.

Note: Assemble components carefully to prevent scratches and crash.
          After assembly, remember to check again to make sure all nuts are fastened on bolt.
         Check the trailer body every month.

Assembly Steps

2.Two side frames are subsequently be bolted
3.Four square steel tubes are bolted on the top of frame
4.Triangle frame
5.Razor wire mesh support frame
6.Barbed wire steel pallet
7.Concertina razor wire coils (or barbed wire, fence)
8.Accessories (turn wheel, tires, solar panel)

For assembly details, please refer to “rapid deployment barrier assembly instruction.pdf”





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