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PVC Coated 358 High Security Fencing

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358 security fence is additionally called enemy of climb fence which is a definitive hard core welded work board furnishing the furthest extent of security with magnificent transparent perceivability. 358 security fence has toe and finger evidence profile. With separating particular of 75mm x 12.5mm, it is unthinkable for fingers and toes to experience. 358 security fence is immaculate as a watched fence framework in light of its elite thickness, against cutting materials and its system is exceptionally solid safe and hard to uninstall. With our phenomenal enemy of climb fence flexibly, customers can appreciate the best unwinding and made sure about insurance from within your own.

                        PVC Coated 358 High Security Fencing                   PVC Coated 358 High Security Fencing

Specification of anti climb wire mesh:

Specification of anti climb wire mesh:

Specification of anti climb wire mesh:

anti climb wire mesh feature:

Against climb, all the more little openings, no toe or finger holds.
Hostile to cut, Robust wire and welded joints make cutting troublesome.
Better visility : Flat, two-dimensional profile, simpler to see through than steel.

anti climb wire mesh surface treatments: Galvanized+PVC Coated

anti climb wire mesh applications:

Scaffold hostile to climb guarding&guard wellbeing screening; Sub-station security fencing; Mental emergency clinic security fencing;
Processing plant machine watches; Walkway security fencing; Air terminal security fencing; 358 wire work fence doors; Delivery port security fencing; Electrical sub-station fencing; Water treatment works; Gas security window grilles; Balustrades security fence just as some other business/modern security fence. The work is little and can forestall moving as far as possible. It is principally utilized in military air terminal security powers, detainment facilities, light rails, intercity trains and other significant separation measures.


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