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Mobile Security Razor Barrier Trailer

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The Mobile Security Razor Barrier system is designed to provide rapid protection and re-usable.

The rapid razor wire deployment system from HeslyFence Specialised Vehicles can be used for multiple applications, including perimeter protection, crowd control, the creation of restricted zones and the intrusion of terrorists, illegal protests, and various other trespassing situations. This type of barrier serves as a peaceful conflict resolution, preventing access in a way that is non-reactive. It also provides a visible deterrent in the event of border control, event crowd control, military emergency and various other situations. Our concertina razor wire portable safety barriers gives you the benefit of a specialty vehicle designed to provide rapid passive safety protection of razor wire deployment, in any location across the globe.

Rapid deployment barrier, which is also sometimes known as a Mobile Security Barrier, comprises a trailer that is made of high-strength steel. This trailer deploys razor wire coils of barbed wire that serve as a fence-like barrier in very short space of time. Used primarily by government, police, and military, the razor wire rapid deployment system is also effective in the rapid response to emergencies. This system provides fast protection, with large lengths of wire deployed in a matter of minutes. The wire is reusable and easy to handle for the use in various operations.

There are a number of benefits offered by this type of barrier, from its speed to its durability and easy deployment and its ability to integrate within armoured vehicles. Some of the top benefits offered by our razor wire rapid deployment system include the following:

• Made from strong strength steel, in accordance with military standards

• Two tires on each side

• Armoured trailer can be fitted to most vehicles

This solution is versatile and highly effective. To find out more about how this type of barrier can help provide protection, get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, if you would like us to send you an official quote on our razor wire rapid deployment system, we are standing by to assist.


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