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Military Bastion Barrier

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 Military Bastion Barrier

Military Bastion Barrier

1、Product introduction:

Military Bastion Barrier is widely used in military operations to protect personnels and troops from being attacked by cannons, mortars, VBIEDs. Military defense barrier is a popular expeditionary force protection system which is usually used in boundary security, so it is also named as security barrier. Otherwise, blast barriers are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh and lined with heavy-duty non-woven geotextile fabric, so it is extensively used as flood protection sand wall just because of its high erosion resistance and rust resistance feature. 


Military Defense Barrier consists of a foldable wire mesh container and heavy fabric liner, and serves as a temporary semi-permanent embankment or obstructs an explosion or small arms. A casual life and a labor-saving war, it is used at almost every U.S. military base and at NATO bases in Afghanistan in Iraq.

This Bastion Barrier has been set to help civil engineers with a wide range of environmental issues for over 10 years. Originally aimed at combating the effects of coastal erosion, this outstanding cage has been widely used in other civil engineering applications around the world.


Safe and reliable

Once filled with soil, sand or gravel, Securest forms a solid and powerful barrier with excellent strength and structural integrity to protect personnel and equipment from enemy fire. E.g:

Two-foot-thick Securest can be used to stop rifle bullets and shell fragments.

Four feet thick Securest prevents most car bombs.

5-foot-thick Securest is ideal for preventing rocket-propelled grenades from penetrating and exploding debris.


3、Military Defense Barrier Detail:

Surface treatment: electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized or other coating requirements.

Wire diameter: 3mm to 5mm.

Open: 2 "x 2", 3 "x 3", 4 "x 4" or custom opening.

Geotextiles Color: white, gray, beige sand and army green.

Packaging: The safest fortress barrier is pre-assembled and packed with spiral knuckles on the tray


4、Easy to use:

The Army bastion Barrier can be used in individual cells or in some cells connected together by connecting pins to meet the different needs of the project. Almost any topical filler material can be used, such as soil, sand, gravel, gravel and various other particulate materials.


4、Applications of Military Bastion Wall:

● Personnel bunkers  ● Guard post

● Police force points and Check points  ● Military Defensive barriers

● Perimeter security barrier or border barrier● Temporary fort and command post

● Observation points and border checkpoints● Shellproof defence barrier

● Alert or cautionary outpost ● Flood prevention barrier

● Military barrier fortification system● Permanent or Semi-permanent Dike


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