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Introduction of Heibei Zhengyang

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Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling perimeter security products. Zhengyang strives to be an leading company dedicated to deliver quality products and services at competitive prices. Nowadays, the security and defense market is more competitive, and there are such persons that violate their own professional ethics to make money. But we choose to be different by adhering to right values, taking our responsibilities, training our staff and servicing our clients. We strive for “WIN-WIN” business relationship with our customers, vendors, partners and government.
 Introduction of Heibei Zhengyang
 Since 1992, Zhengyang has provided a wide range of reliable and state-of-art security products for industrial,commercial, national and civil defense use, with an average 97.9% satisfaction rate over the past five years period.Our wide range products include rapid deployment barrier, concertina razor wire, flat razor wire, welded razor mesh, straight razor wire, barbed wire, wall spike, and various security fences. We always pay attention to innovation and improvement of security products. Rapid Deployment Barrier, also named Mobile Security Barrier is designed by our experts.
Compared with other defense equipment, our rapid deployment barrier vehicle is easier to install, more energy-efficient, more green and all-electric systems. Razor wire, barbed wire and security fences are the traditional ways to protect assets and people. Our fencing system has been tested and approved by Chinese Government for military use. Electro fence used in Jidong Prison is a good example of our products’ application.We have experts with extensive experience, sales personnel with rich knowledge and customer service representatives to answer any questions our clients may have.
Introduction of Heibei Zhengyang      
Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products supply security and defense products for military, police, government, commercial and industrial use. Main items include rapid deployment barrier , various types of razor wire and security fences. Both galvanized and stainless steel razor wire are available. High quality, competitive price, and unmatched service are our advantages.
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