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Introduction of Concertina razor wire

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The concertina spiral razor wire is made of 0.5mm thick hot-galvanized steel sheet and 2.5mm thick high-carbon galvanized wire. These coils are compressed for transportation, and then stretched for use.
Concertina Coil has many circles. Tie every two adjacent circles by clips, and a concertina coil is created. Generally speaking, the diameter of an opening circle would be 5-10% less than its original size. Circles of concertina coil cross each other, leaving no space for a person or middle-sized animals. There are some kinds of concertina razor wire: single concertina razor wire, double concertina razor wire, crossed concertina razor wire.

single spiral razor wire double spiral concertina razor wire single coil razor wire
                                                                                                                                                                                    Concertina Razor Wire has two formations: spiral formation (unclipped) and concertina formation (clipped) , Each spiral circle is joined by three, five or seven rows of connector clips, depending on the diameter of the circle. This condenses the spacing of the spirals.  The clip is made of 1.5-2mm thick and overall 10mm wide hot – galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel. This makes the coil very difficult to open, even with a special tool. The diameter of the circle is reduced by 5-10% after opening.  

Concertina wires has good resistance to all weathers, corrosion and acid rains. For years, silvery appearance will remain for a long time. A single coil of razor wire or concertina coil is usually fixed to a fence or wall, providing a good deterrent. Correctional institutions (penitentiaries), government facilities, prison, military zones, airport, farm, police, private security zones, border security, private properties cannot be without it. Concertina Coil Fencing has been recognized a very powerful device to object unwanted entry of enemies or animals. Sharp blades and spiral structure can trap anyone who intends to go through or over the concertina wire. Any questions, please be free to contact with me by Skype:zy.wire.mesh or emailing to sun@sunwiremesh.com.


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