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How to Deploy Concertina Razor Wire Fast

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Digging fighting positions, trenches, and emplacing various obstacles take great deal of time and effort. Therefore, rapid deployment barrier becomes more and more important. 
Under this condition, concertina razor wire become the first choice of barrier in military. Do you know why?
What is concertina razor wire?
Razor wire is a kind of security product made of steel sheet. It is a better intruder deterrent because of its sharp blazes. Concertina razor wire is razor wire coil with clips (3 or 5) on each coil.
How long it will take to deploy triple strand concertina razor wire?
Triple-strand concertina razor wire consists of two rolls of concertina wire side-by-side on the bottom with one roll on top. It looks like a pyramid. It is widely used in military because it is the most difficult of all wire obstacles to breach.
However, to deploy 300 meters, it needs at least 30 man-hour of labor per the field manual. What if emergencies occur? How to defense themselves in short time? Will concertina razor wire be the best choice? 
The answer is “Yes”, if you get our rapid deployment barrier system.
What is rapid deployment barrier system?
It is a trailer used to deploy razor wire, barbed wire and fence as barrier. 100 meters of triple-strand razor wire can be released in 20 seconds. The length of the barrier is unlimited. This unit can help police deal with crowd or riot in very short time, mitigating injury on police and citizens. It is also very helpful for military to deploy barrier for border security or battlefield defence.
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