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How To Choose The Suitable Security Fence

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With the enhancement of awareness, more and more people choose the fence against the tool. But guardrail varieties on the market at present, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, how to choose a suitable in numerous products own barrier, is our current focus.

358 Anti-climb Fence has common specification of 76.2mmX12.7mm ( 3'' x 0.5'') aperture and a wire diameter of 4mm (Gauge 8). Because of its strong panels and small mesh opening, it is very difficult to penetrate and to be cut off. So it is often used in the prison. And besides, 358 Anti-climb Fence is usually installed with concertina razor wire coils or barbed wire on its top, I think it will be safer in this way.
How To Choose The Suitable Security Fence

Riot Control Fence is designed to make riot or crowd control. Every time when a city occurs a major activity , it will plays its role. Riot Control Fence can be a very good isolation from the riots, isolation effect. So it often used in large-scale activities, concerts, the demonstrations of the masses. Able to be quickly evacuated.
How To Choose The Suitable Security Fence

Chain Link Fence is the most basic security fence at  the same time is also the most convenient fence. No matter in the schools, parks, and yards, in the commercial areas as well. If you want to learn more about our security fence, please contact us by email sun@sunwiremesh.com


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