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Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire Fence

Views: 7     Author: Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2016-08-17      Origin: Site Inquire

We can offer hot-dipped galvanized razor wire for customers. It has bright and beautiful blade of various types, offers good corrosion resistance. Galvanized razor wire can be supplied in straight line razor wire, single coils razor wire or crossed concertina razor coils. Razor wire in hot dipped galvanized sheet is widely used in many fields for its lower cost compared with stainless steel razor wire. It can be set up on the top of solid walls or wire fence forming more security fencing used in industry, agriculture and especially in military.
Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire Fence
Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co.Ltd is a razor barbed wire manufacturer that emphasizes on innovative technology and production. Our products cover razor wire, razor wire fence, concertina wire, welded razor wire ,flat razor wire, straight razor wire and barbed wire, high security fencing  and wall spikes.
Razor wire is used as security fencing and isolation for gardens, residences, prisons, government agencies, military sites. Its materials are hot dipped galvanized steel sheet and wire, stainless steel sheet and wire. So, it has good corrosion resistance.
Razor wire fence is mainly composed of very sharp points or edges and arranged at intervals along the strands. It has the features of unique design of sharp blades and incomparable safety performance, cost-effectiveness and practical applicability, easy installation and long service life.
Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire Fence
Our experienced staff is more than happy to meet all of your razor wire fence needs. The quality of our razor wire is superior. And if you place an order, we will provide you our competitive price. If the order is large , we can offer the discounted price. Our razor wire and razor wire fence will become the best choice of you. Please contact us asap.Email:sun@sunwiremesh.com.Tel:86-311-67263936.


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