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History of Barbed Wire

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Barbed wire is a very common product to maintain the perimeter security. But how much do you know about the barbed wire? Now you could listen to me to talk about the origin and history of the barbed wire just like to listen a story.
barbed wire
Barbed wire is produced in the late of the nineteenth century, In the middle of nineteenth Century, most farmers in the United States began clearing up wasteland, moving westward to the plains and the southwest. Due to the migration of agriculture, farmers have become more aware of the changing environment, which marks the gradual transition from the eastern part of the forest to the more arid climate in the West. Because of the temperature and geographical location cause the two plants and habits are also very different. There is no land reclamation before, because everywhere is stone and lack of water when come after the migration of agriculture due to their lack of adaptation to the local agricultural tools with the corresponding agricultural technology, many places not occupied is also no God. In order to adapt to the new environment many people begin to set up barbed wire fences in their own farming areas.
In the early 1860 to 1870, people began to cultivate a plant with thorns as a wall, but because of the scarcity of plants with little price, the construction is inconvenient to be abandoned. Due to the lack of the fence is not so smooth in land reclamation process. Until 1873 a new research results changed their plight Illinois’s Di Kabul invented to protect their land with barbed wire. From there, the barbed wire just walked into the course of history.
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