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High-Security Fencing

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High security fencing is separated into hostile to climb 358 fence and 3510 fence. The unequivocally welded fence boards have close work gaps. The thing that matters is that the work size of 3510 fence is 3" × 0.5" ×10 measure wire while 358 fence has 3" × 0.5" × 8 check wire. They are extraordinarily planned as obstruction to would-be gatecrashers, making it hard to get fingers or toes for climbing. In view of the high security, against climb 358 and 3510 fence is predominantly utilized in jail, air terminals, military offices and high security locales.

                          High-Security Fencing                               High-Security Fencing

High-Security Fencing specifications:

materials:low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire

surface treatment:hot dipped galvanized PCV coated powder coated


High-Security Fencing features:

(1) Secure and circumspect
A prevalent framework for giving security where a circumspect visual effect on the prompt climate is fundamental.
(2) Vandal safe
The finger verification opening joined with 4mm wire distance across gives an obstruction that is hard to climb or enter. Practically difficult to cut wires by utilization of customary jolt or wire cutters.
(3) Efficient prevention
A viable obstacle to gatecrashers accessible in different statures up to 6m. Viable with electronic identification and caution frameworks.
(4) Good review perceivability
Notwithstanding the little work opening the transparent attributes stay healthy when seen head-on and even at a point to the fence.

This is especially significant for clear camera observation.
(5) Durability
The excellent progressed covering innovation ensures an all-inclusive item life range and low upkeep.
(6) Installation
The boards are delivered at 3.050 m, diminishing the measure of posts required by 20%. Establishment time is hence decreased.
(7) Weld Strength
The prevalent welding strategy and cycle control make a more grounded combination between the wires.
(8) Sharp Topping
The edge profile razor wire along the head of the fence boards makes it amazingly hard to climb or infiltrate.

High-Security Fencing applications:

Security fencing Suitable For MOD, Police Stations, Secure Units, Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Utility Suppliers.


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