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Heavy Galvanized Barbed Wire For Military Use

Views:4     Author:Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2016-08-18      Origin:Site Inquire

In general, the finished products of Heavy Galvanized barbed wire can be divided into three types, that is, single twist galvanized barbed wire, double twist galvanized barbed wire and traditional twist galvanized barbed wire.
Heavy Galvanized Barbed Wire For Military Use
Single Twist Galvanized Barbed Wire, which is mainly woven with high-tensile steel wire, belongs to a kind of popular modern security fencing material.
Double Twist Galvanized Barbed Wire, just as the single twist barbed wire, is fabricated with high-tensile wire and mild steel wire, and it belongs to a kind of popular modern security fencing material. At present, Double Twist Barbed Wire has been widely applied in many countries around the world in military areas, prisons, banks, government agencies, doors and windows, private residence, highway, and railway, etc. Owing to such prominent features as easy installation, superior decorative effect, and excellent safety performance, double twist barbed wire is becoming more and more popular.
Traditional Twist Galvanized Barbed Wire is fabricated with mild steel wire, also named IOWA type barbed wire, and it is a kind of popular security fencing material in modern society.

Many people may mix up barbed wire and razor barbed wire. In fact, they are two different barriers. Barbed wire is zinc-coated steel strands twisted together with barbs spaced regularly along them. And razor wire is made of 0.5mm thick hot-galvanized steel sheet and 2.5mm thick high-carbon galvanized wire, razor wire has blades along the wire.
Heavy Galvanized Barbed Wire For Military Use
The quality of Heavy Galvanized Barbed Wire made in Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co.Ltd is accordance with the military quality. And It is an inexpensive fencing option making it the most commonly used material for securing large areas. Our heavy galvanized barbed wire is widely used in military. Barbed wire is simple but sharp, it can work in preventing enemy.If you are in need of the galvanized barbed wire, please contact with us.Email:sun@sunwiremesh.com.


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