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HESLY Military Rapid Deployment Riot Razor Barrier Trailor System

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Protect Perimeters and Entrance Points In a Matter of Minutes... ...

The Hesly RMSB (Rapid Mobile Security Razor Barrier) Fencing System is is a road vehicle designed entirely by HeslyFence® in order to provide rapid passive safety protection of through razor wire deployment, anywhere. The Razor Barrier is a pyramid made of concertina razor wire coil, supplied compressed and can be deployed rapidly at a speed of 80 meters in just seconds, establishing a security perimeter quickly and effectively. and the deployed razor barriers also can be collected automaticlly into the trailer and then reused. Any vehicle that has the approved towing systems, can transport the concertina wire rapid deployment system for their use and handling.

The deployment is automatic and needs minimum manual actions. The result is that a security barrier is erected at a short time with minimum human touch. The Concertina wire rapid deployment system has been designed for activities of area police and military.

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The system is designed to provide rapid protection - the 75-300 meter barriers of razor wire wire coils can be deployed in 60 seconds.

• The deployment of barriers can be reusable many times as needed.

• The barrier is composed of three concertina wire rolls adhered to an wire anti-entanglement.

• Each concertina wire module has 115 meters and different heights from 1 to 1,5 meters.

• No Police or Military Organization can afford to be without this valuable tool.

• Equipment is supplied to uplift and recompress the barrier into modules, simple to handle and compact to store.

• Hesly-Rapid Razor Wall are not only effective but also fully re-usable.

• A single carrier unit can be quickly refilled to drop many kilometers of barrier in a short space of time.

• Barriers are constructed of Barbed Tape Concertina (Razor Wire Coils) separated with high tensile anti-tangle strut wires

• They are supplied in 70 meter lengths which are compressed into compact modules (approximately 350 metre wide) which are simple to handle and effectively stored

• Winches are supplied with the carrier units to re-compress the barrier into compact modules after deployment - Strapping equipment is supplied to bind the modules

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