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Germany Continued Attacks

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Germany Southwest city Reutlingen municipal government website posted 24th announcement said, the city happende a attack of cut with a knife on the afternoon, left 1 dead, 2 injured, suspect is one from Syria 21 years of refugees.This is the most recent time period, Germany the second refugee maulings.A man choped people by an axe on a train in Bavaria,making more than 20 people injury.Local police say,three of them is injury seriously,one of them slightly injured,14 were severely disturbed in Germany 18th night local time.
Germany Continued Attacks
Syria refugees came into Europe,many countries happend many attacks,security protection work is facing huge pressure from these countries.Such attacks usually happen suddenly,which requires police to have fast reflexes and strong contigency equipment.On  attacks happening,if spot is at top speed under control by the police rapidly,it will reduce a lot of casualties.But a device is born in order to dealing with such emergencies--rapid deployment barrier.Mobile security barrier is a trailer made of high strength steel in accordance with military standards. It is used to deploy razor wire coils as barrier in very short time. If, in the circumstances,Germany using this equipment,injuries of people will decrease or even disappear. 
In fact, rapid security barrier is designed to reduce unnecessary casualties and reduced the workload of the military police and in order to protect physical and property safety of the people to create, if you want to learn more about our products, you can click on http://www.sunwiremesh.com/Rapid-Deployment-Barrier-pd442022.html
Germany Continued Attacks


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