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Galvanized Steel fence

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Galvanized Steel fence

European picket fence, it is a kind of guardrail series, this kind of guardrail was first used in Britain, now it has been widely used at home and abroad. It replaces the original brick wall and some thick fence net, make your living environment simple, bright, fresh. Its wide application results from people's pursuit of the environment, the publicity of personal cleanliness and the worship of exotic atmosphere. Picket fence is popular and used because of its beautiful structure and different styles. European picket guardrail components are: hot galvanized plate pressure of the fence, connecting the fence crossbeam - Angle iron and pillars for support - i-steel. Connection accessories all use anti-theft accessories, anti-theft performance is stronger!



Panels are attached with high-strength steel or aluminum brackets to powder-coated square tubular steel or aluminum posts. the fence is easy to handle and install, nice appearance, so it is widely used in villa, gardens, schools, factories, pools, residential, industrial and commercial security projects.

Feature & Advantages

Due to the surface treatment of electrostatic powder spraying later stage, its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, bright color, a variety of colors, etc.

Enhanced the anti-oxidation, anti-UV, weathering and corrosion resistance property of barriers.

This kind of fencing product offers good corrosion resistance, age resistance, and beautiful view, simple and easy installation.

Low basic requirements, long service life, green environmental protection.

The price is affordable, generally measuring; it is highest cost-effective metal wire mesh fence.



Take zinc steel as base material, the main products are widely used in the construction fences , including: balcony railing, protective window, staircase handrails, rail fences, garden fence, shutters, air conditioning fence, road fence. Industrial fences (factory fences, commercial site fences); agricultural fences (such as field fences, livestock fences); civil fences (such as building top fences, fence walls, etc.); public facilities fences (such as road isolation fences), etc.



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