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Galvanized Barbed Wire

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We are major wholesaler and barbed wire supplier for world trading companies, importers, distributors and suppliers of fencing products. We supply barbed wire made of hot dipped galvanized wire, electric galvanised wire, or PVC coated wire.

Barbed Type Iron Wires are made of material Q195 steel, commonly in IOWA type, with 2 strands, 4 points. Barbs' distance 3-6 inches ( Tolerance +- 1/2" ).

IOWA type barbed wire is the most popular fencing wire made in three processing methods: traditional twisted, positive / straight twisted, reverse / negative twisted. Strands can be single or double. The wires are braided with a system of constant torsion, with barb prongs interlaced in the wires. As a traditional fencing product for protection and privacy, IOWA barbed wire is widely used in civil and military life.

Common Gauge of Strand and Barb:

1.8X1.8mm / 2.0X2.0mm / 2.2X2.0mm / 2.2X2.2mm / 2.5X2.0mm / 2.5X2.2mm / 2.6X2.2mm / 2.7X2.2mm / 2.8X2.2mm /


Barb Spacing: 3''-6'.

Barbed Wire Roll Length:200m/250m/400m/500m/600m.

Zinc Coating Variety:

Material: Iron wire Q195

Zinc coating weight: 60g per sm/240g per sm/12g per sm

Applied to Barbed Wire Ranges:

Strand wire diameter:1.5mm-3mm

Barbed wire diameter:1.5mm-3mm

Barbed space:100mm-140mm

Coil weight: 5kg-100kg

Single or Double Wire Strand Twisted in Straight and Reverse Twisting, or Traditional Twisting.

Specify an Order for (Traditional) Barbed Wire:

Please provide the following requirements:

Wire Diameter

Zinc Coating Layer

Barb Distance

Barb Wire Length

Weight of the Roll

Height of the Roll

Wire Strands


Coil Length

ASTM INTERNATIONAL STANDARD / A121 Hot Dip Galvanized Barbed Wire for Jordan, Oman, and Middle East Countries

Electro Galvanised Barbed Wire for India

For suppliers in Australia (High tensile wire of at least 2.5mm with a long barb of around 20mm, barbs spaced at around 65mm.)

Different types of barbed wire fences to major importer and distributor of steel fencing product in USA market.

HDG ( Hot Dip Galv. ) Barbed wire, distance between two barbes: 10-15cm, 13kgs/m, to Korea

IOWA Barbed Wire, 150mm barb spacings, all Barbs 2.00mm diameter, Hot dipped galvanised before manufacture. Market: For Jordan, Oman and regional markets.

Barbed Wire Roll in 50 Meters

Barb Cross Sectional Width: 0.080 Inches Nominal

Wire Cross Sectional Width: 0.099 Inches Nominal

Content within each unit package: 80 ROD

Single Wire Cross-Sectional Shape: Round

Barb Cross-Sectional Shape: Round

Barb Point Quality: 4

Center to Center Distance between Barbs: 5.000 Inches min and 6.000 inches Maximum

Feature Provided: Two-Strand Wire

Material: Steel

Surface Treatment: Zinc

The following standards shall be considered as guidelines. Other international standards are acceptable.

ASTM A 475 (Specification for Zinc Coating Weight for (Galvanized) Steel Barbed Wire, or equivalent

Rolls of Barbed Wire with the following specs:

Supplied with Binding Wire with the following specs: in rolls:

Shall be supplied in tolls of 25Kg

Packing: Rolls of barbed wire and binding wire wrapped in waxed paper, then be packed on four way entry timber pallets suitable for export transportation. The rolls shall be properly strapped to the pallet to avoid damage to the rolls.

Electro Galvanized BarbWire or Plastic Coated Galvanised, Wire Gauge: 14BWG, Barb Distance:12.5CM, barb Length:1.8CM

Packing in 250m, 500m, 400m and 160m rolls; Supplied to INDIA

Low Carbon Steel Barbed Wire, Electro Galvanized, Reverse Twisted:

Main Market: Paraguay, Peru, South American Countries

Surface: Electro galv. or green pvc painted galv.

Low carbon steel galvanized barbed wire 1.5x1.5mm, REVERSE TWIST (8 times twisted), 6" distance between barbs , 4 point barbs, 200M coils;

Individual packing (printed carton) to be offered , separately.

Low carbon steel galvanized barbed wire 1.6x1.6mm, REVERSE TWIST (8 times twisted), 6" distance between barbs , 4 point barbs, 200M coils.

Material: Aluminium Wire or Aluminized Steel Wire

Color: Silver or Other Colors

Surface Treatment:Aluminium Coated

Barbed Wire Type:Single Strand Wire

Galvanized Barbed Wire offers a great property of corrosion and oxidation resistance. The high tensile steel wire material allows good spacing between the fencing posts. Barbed wire is widely used with steel posts or above mesh panels (knotted, woven or welded mesh) to form a fencing system or obstacle.

Hot dipped galvanized double twisting stranded barbed wire roll, 12x12mm with 4" barb intervals. Roll length 400 meters. Wholesale to ship to South America for agricultural fence.

Hot dip (zinc plating) galvanised barbed wire with strand 1.72 mm, barbed 1.5 mm, pitch 5" for Mexico Market. To fasten to the top of wooden post for ranch fence.

Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire, reverse twisted, for African Countries, Specification : 1.6mm thickness wire ( 16 gauge ), with 90gsm zinc coating, the barbed length of 2.5cm fixed at every 12.5cm length.

Steel Post Barbed Wire, Used with Fixed Knot Wire Mesh Panels to form field fencing for cattle and horse farms.

U Post Picket Fencing with Both Barbed Wire and Barbed Tape, Fence Hardwares for supply to American Oil Field Companies

Traditional barbed wire is used often with concertina razor wire or barbed tape to construct a multi-form fencing system.

Below is a Hardware Fence ( including Barbed Tape, Concertina; Barbed Wire; U Fence Post / Pickets, Two Sizes; Barbed Wire Handling Gloves )


Rolls, Wire Razor/Concertina (rolls of Concertina wire (NSN 5660-00-921-5516);

Wire, Barbed (NSN 5660-00-224-8663) 400meter roll. Other size rolls are acceptable as long as 4,800 meters of barbed wire is provided;

Pickets, Long, 6-foot (NSN 5660-00-270-1510);

Pickets, Short, 3-foot (NSN 5660-00-270-1589);

Gloves, Barbed Wire Handler, Cut / Puncture Resistant (NSN 8415-00-926-1674)

Barbed Wire

Material: Steel

Surface Treatment: Zinc

Single Wire Cross-Section Shape: Round

Wire Cross Section Width: 0.099 Inches Nominal

Features Provided: Two-strand wire

Barb Cross-Section Shape: Round

Barb Cross-Section Width: 0.080 Inches Nominal

Barb Point Quantity: 4

Center to Center Distance Between Barbs: 5.000 Inches minimum and 6.000 Inches Maximum

Content within Each Unit Package: 80 Rods

Barbed Wire is supplied in coils.

5kgs/roll, pp film inside and hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside;

25kgs/roll, pp film inside and hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside;

50kgs/roll, pp film inside and hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside;

or according to your requirements.


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