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Flat Wrapped Razor Wire-Saving Your Space And Money with Military Quality

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Flat wrapped razor wire is fabricated using single strand razor Wire which is then clipped to create flat sheets. The Flat Sheets can be used to upgrade any existing fence or wall. Add Flat Wrap Razor Wire directly to a wire mesh fence, or add it on top of a brick or pre-cast wall to instantly upgrade your security. Flat wrap coils will substantially improve the effectiveness of the fence. Installed on this basis, innocent persons are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh fence while the potential intruders will get frightened back. Flat razor wire can be used in the following forms: Installed against the existing smooth wire mesh fence; Fitted to the welded mesh fence; Fitted by overlapping the fence mesh; Installed to the brick wall directly.Zhengyang specialize in the supply of flat wrapped razor wire for twenty years. Available worldwide, we offer immediate delivery on a wide range of products. We must meet your requirements.
  Flat Wrapped Razor Wire-Saving Your Space And Money with Military Quality

  1. The flat coils provide a neat but effective barrier when used together with mesh fences.
  2. Due to its flat construction, it does not overhang into neighboring property and will therefore not harm innocent bystanders.
  3. It is most cost-effective products, you can get the flat wrapped razor wire with military quality only using the least price.
  4. Flat wrap coil installation is particularly simple when it is fitted by overlapping the fence mesh.
  5. It provides a high barrier when mounted to the wall.
Specification and packing

Hot dipped galvanized blade and high carbon steel core wire.The specification is as follows.The packing is very sample, flat razor wire is wrapped with paper inside and and then wrapped with woven bag. Flat razor wire is bundled and wrapped with 5 coils, and each coils is 15 meters long. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.Tel: +86-311-6726393 or email to sun@sunwiremesh.com.

Core Wire Diameter Thickness of blade Coil Height Coil Length
2.5mm±0.1mm 0.5mm±0.05mm 450mm 16m
2.5mm±0.1mm 0.5mm±0.05mm 600mm 16m
2.5mm±0.1mm 0.5mm±0.05mm 900mm 16m
Flat Wrap Height Fixed Length Weight
500mm/20’’ 15m/50FT 9.5kg(21lbs)
700mm/30’’ 15m/50FT 13kg(29lbs)
900mm/36’’ 15m/50FT 14.5kg(32lbs)


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