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Flat Wrapped Razor Wire ——“Less Money, Higher Quality”

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Razor wire flat wrap coils are made of high tensile razor wire, clapped into a flat panel formation.
Flat wrap razor coils is a modification of the spiral razor security barrier, adapted for use in more crowded conditions. Flat security barrier concertina as spiral security barrier, also made of reinforced barbed tape concertina. Flat razor barrier security is different from razor wire concertina that the coils located in one plane, which makes the design much more compact. And its adjacent coils fastened together with staples from galvanized steel. Providing a high protective properties, flat safety barrier razor is more compact to use and less aggressive, which contributes to its widespread use or various objects in urban environments.
Flat Wrapped Razor Wire ——“Less Money, Higher Quality”

Flat razor wire is designed to protect facilities in urban areas and when you can not use spiral razor security barrier because of its size. Flat razor mesh barrier security can be installed on all types of fences and barrier, in addition, a fence may be constructed of several flat strips of barbed tape.
Flat wrap coils will substantially improve the effectiveness of the fence. Installed on this basis, innocent persons are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh fence while the potential intruders will get frightened back. the flat coils provide a neat but effective barrier when used together with mesh fences. Flat wrap coil installation is particularly simple when it is fitted by overlapping the fence mesh. It provides a high barrier when mounted to the wall.
Flat razor mesh security barrier is more economical than concertina razor security barrier, because its production requires significantly less concertina wire, so in those cases where no special requirements for security of enclosing an object, the flat razor barrier security can be a good choice. Any question, please call us at 86-311-67263936.
Flat Wrapped Razor Wire ——“Less Money, Higher Quality”


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